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Creating a Culture of Trust: How Effective Leaders Use Communication to Build High Performing Teams | Tuesday 16th May 5.00pm-6.30pm AEST (QLD Time)

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We help Business Owners, Educational Institutions & Individuals unlock the key to success both in business and in life through building confidence, motivation and improving stress management, focus and effectiveness.

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At Thinking Leaders, we know Business Owners, Executives and Leaders. Why? We have spent nearly 30 years working in and with small and medium businesses. We have faced the challenges, made mistakes, learned, grown and achieved. We understand all the competing expectations and challenges for your business, your leadership and your personal life. You are the driver of hard decisions and the buck stops with you.

​We work with Business Owners, Executives and Leaders to unlock their potential and maximise performance, for themselves and their organisation. We assist our Business Leaders to thrive in their fast paced world by improving their communication and leadership effectiveness, productivity, resilience, confidence, accountability, motivation, action taking, focus and stress management.

Individual Development

You’re a current or emerging leader in a business and seeking to further develop yourself to better manage your team become a high performer.

Business Development

You’re a business owner that understands the importance of investing in your staff and seeks to develop a resourceful culture that delivers exceptional results.

Educational Development

You’re an educational institution that’s seeking to retain your alumni or wishing to attract more executives to your MBA or Masters Program.

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We understand that not everyone learns the same way and different approaches are necessary for every workplace and individual. A Thinking Leaders, we’ve developed a range of educational approaches designed to suit your needs. We conduct 1:1 Executive Coaching, run Team Events, Workshops & Keynotes, Professional Facilitation and provide Online Self-Paced programs.

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Creating a Culture of Trust

How Effective Leaders Use Communication to Build High Performing Teams

A FREE supportive peer network to help leaders overcome overwhelm and stress, to create time and design life on their terms.

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